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1 Rep Max Weight Lifting Workouts

The Routine

This routine is performed on two non consecutive days. For example (Sunday and Wednesday) to allow full recovery. Pick 4 to 6 core exercises (deadlift, bench, hack squat, squat). Divide the exercises in half so that session 1 has a lower body multijoint exercise followed by an upper body multijoint exercise and session 2 has an upper body multijoint exercise followed by a lower body multijoint exercise. If you have the energy, perform one isolation exercise at the end of each routine.

Perform the hardest multijoint exercise first. Put all your effort into this one. If you are too tired to finish the rest of the routine don't. The first exercise is the one that counts. It is the most results producing and will be the one that you will keep throughout the cycle as the routine gets progressively harder.

Multijoint Exercise

Warm up sets - 2 to 3 progressively harder sets of 5 to 10 reps

Work sets - 6 singles allowing enough rest between the singles to recover your normal breathing. At the start you may not need to stop at all, later allow 2 to 3 minutes between reps.

Break Down Set - 80% of the work set's weight for 6 to 10 reps.

Isolation Exercise

Warm up sets - Don't do any. You will be warmed up from the previous exercise, so don't waste time or energy.

Work sets - 3 sets at the same weight for 5 to 6 reps

Weight Progression

Add 1 to 5 pounds per workout to your exercises. As the cycle progressively gets harder you may fail at the primary exercise's work sets. Drop the isolation exercise if this happens. If you continue to fail at your primary exercise for that session, drop all exercises but the primary for that session.

Your Goal

Your goal is to continually push your primary multjoint exercise up in weight each week by 1 to 5 pounds.

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