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New Fitness Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

You get $24.95 commission per sale!

We have Incredible Conversion Rates.

Our conversion rates kick the butt of other bodybuilding fitness resources sold on the Internet. We haven't heard of any fitness bodybuilding sites beating our visitor to purchase ratio.

You already know about our sales page that pulls sales like crazy. And the generous $24.95 commission we give you.

But here are some more reasons why you should join:

  • You're helping people - You will be promoting unique, high-demand software that sells like crazy. There are millions of people around the world that want to build muscle, get fit, lose fat and look good. Our high quality software that is full of advice, shows people how to do this.

  • Share*It! manages our affiliate program. Share*It! is an independent and highly respected neutral third-party. They handle the tracking and commission payments. Over 100,000 affiliates rely on Share*It! for accurate tracking and timely payments.

With Share*It!:

  • You get access to live statistics online to check up on your earnings.

  • Your pay checks are sent out every month.

  • You receive notification by e-mail every time you earn a commission.

Ready to get started?

Step 1. Sign up for free with Share*It! to get your affiliate ID. Just complete the simple form on their website and then go to step two (below). Click Here to sign up for FREE with Share*It!.

Step 2. Once you have your Share*It! affiliate ID, get linking information and marketing tips below:

Affiliate Program Resources

Once you have created your Share*It! account, link to us using a URL like this: target=

Change the xxxxx part of the URL to YOUR Share*It! ID. For example, if your Share*It! ID is 1234567 you would link to us using the following URL: target=

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most common and easiest (but not the most effective) way to earn a commission. Simply place any of these banners on high traffic parts of your website for visitors to click on.

Save any of these images to your server, and put them on your site

Have the image link to: target=

Replace the XXXXXX with your Share*It! ID. This URL will take whoever clicks on your banner/text link directly to the X-Size website.

Text Links

A lot of people make the mistake of putting up a banner on their web site and hoping that someone will eventually click on it. A banner, no matter how appealing, is not going to cut it all by itself. Better results (more clickthroughs and sales) will come from text links.

You can use any of these example text links on your site

X-Size Bodybuilding Software - Advice from a natural bodybuilder about how you can gain muscle without steroids. This site explains stuff like how much and what to eat, how to lose fat and the best way to weight train.

X-Size Bodybuilding Software - Natural bodybuilder shows you how to get buffed without steroids.

Remember to replace the XXXXXX with your Share*It! ID.

Personal Recommendations

You will get the best results from personal recommendations. The visitors to your site trust you, and when you say you recommend X-Size Bodybuilding Software, alot of those visitors will come to the X-Size site and buy the software.

Most of our top affiliates, give personal recommendations. They feel good about recommending such a great software , and they make money from it. It is a WIN-WIN situation - they make a lot of money (and their visitors are very happy they got the software ).

Here's an example of a recommendation that you can put on your website:

How to pack on muscle mass and slash body fat!

I found this great resource that teaches you how to pack on muscle mass, boost your strength and slash body fat. This isn't one of those useless books or gadgets that promise to give you 50 lbs of muscle in a week or how to get a full body workout in 5 minutes.

The resource I'm talking about is called X-Size and it's a site for the 'average joe'. This site has advice from natural bodybuilders about how you can get buffed without steroids and other illegal drugs. It teaches you stuff like how much and what to eat, how to lose fat and the best way to weight train.

I highly recommend that you check out X-Size.

Click here to go to X-Size now.

If you want to give a shorter recommendation, you could use something like this:

If your looking for training information about how to pack on muscle mass and slash body fat, I highly recommend X-Size. It's a website that teaches you stuff like how much and what to eat, how to lose fat and the best way to weight train. It's got lots of great tips.

Promoting through email

We encourage you to send ad's promoting X-Size through email. BUT only if you have permission from the people you are sending it to.

We DO NOT tolerate SPAM. Don't ever send email to people who haven't asked for it.

Step 3: Promote Promote Promote!

Pretty simple stuff. Put up banners, text links and personal recommendations on highly visited areas of your site.

The X-Size sales page does a very good job of converting visitors to buyers. The more visitors you send to the site, the more sales you will make. I guarantee it!

Feel free to email me anytime. I want to help you make a heap of sales!

You can give me an email at:

All the best!

Oliver Wolter

For more infomation go to X-Size Bodybuilding

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