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How to prepare for your first bodybuilding competition

If you are serious about body building then you must also seriously consider enter body building competitions. You have already spent so much time and effort in getting that perfectly sculpted look so why not go and stand up with others of the same persuasion and have an impartial panel decide who has the best body?

Just remember that body building competitions are quite intense and you will be up against some very stiff competition. You may think that you have toned up your body as much as you could and that are completely prepared for the competition but you will still need to make some effort and best even yourself before entering.

First off you need to have a dark, even, and deep tan. This means you will be spending several weeks before the competition in a tanning bed.

In case tanning beds are not your think then you will have to use a spray tan one day before the competition. Just be careful of the type of spray tan you use because some of then can leave you looking orange. What you need to be aiming for is a look that is dark enough to make your muscles pop out of your body.

You also have to spend some time choosing the right music that will play when you are posing. You need the sort of music that will get the listeners as excited as you are. Finding the right music that can work in coordination with your poses is an important aspect to winning body building competitions.

When it comes to the image of a body building posing in competition most people think of a guy shining with grease and flexing huge and bulging muscles. You need to check if the body building competition you are aiming for permits the use of oil on the body during posing or not.

Every competition will have some rules that will not be common so find out the rules before entering one. Some competitions ban the use of oil because it makes muscles stand out better. You must always follow the rules of the competition in which you participate.

You also need to get the right clothing item so that most of your muscles. For males the swim suit made by Speedo will do just fine and for females the costume of choice is a bikini. Whatever you were make sure it is in good taste.

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