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Secrets Of How To Gain Muscle

Have you always wanted to look big and bulky and have a lot of size and muscle? Well, you are in luck because we have to best secrets to look big and ripped at the same time. With these secrets you will look buff in no time and you will be looking way better than ever before. You will be looking so good that you will be shaking women off you left and right with a stick. When you try these secrets, you will ask your self why did you not do these before you had read about these secrets.

The first secret is to use heavy weights with a small amount of reps. The reps that you do should be around 8 to 10 reps on each exercise. If you do any more reps than that, you will be working your muscles out for endurance rather than size and you will not be able to gain and mass. Just remember that the less of the reps that you do is better for you on gaining mass. That is the first and one of the best hidden secrets that I can tell you about being able to gain a lot of muscle mass.

The second and my last secret to gain muscle is to drink a protein shake after you work out. Make sure that you are drinking you protein shake atleast 20 to 40 minutes after you are working out to be able to get the full effect of your work out and yourprotein shake. Unless you just want to gain weight and not muscle, you need to only drink the protein shakes after you work out. Iof you drink the protein shakes and you do not work out, at this point you will only be gaing fat and I am sure that, that is not what you were look to do in the first place.

So, those are my two very important secrets for you on how to gain muscle mass. I hope that you have learned a lot and that you use these tips to you advantage. Good luck on getting big and be sure to have fun with it.

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