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Muscle Building and Sleep

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Sleep for Muscle Building

For muscle building one of the problems is maintaining regular sleeping patterns. If one night you stay up late and get little sleep, the next night may try to sleep too long, to make up for the night before. This can become a vicious circle that was very difficult to escape. It had a bad effect on your training and proper eating.

You see, sleeping is an important part of training. Without enough sleep you will not be growing as much as you would with enough sleep. This is because:

- During sleep your body rebuilds.

- When you don't have enough sleep, you feel tired and as a result cannot effectively weight train.

You must not sleep too long either. This will end up making you feel tired and lethargic. Also remember the longer you sleep, the longer your body goes without food (which is a bad thing for gaining muscle mass).

Try to set your minimum time of sleep at around 7 hours.

Try to set your maximum time of sleep at around 10 hours.

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