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Goldberg Traps Workout

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Developing Goldgerg Traps

If you are a fan of wrestling, then you know who Goldberg is, and you also know that he has some of the biggest trapezoid muscles in the world of professional wrestling. How did he develop traps that huge? The answer is in the 'Goldberg Squeeze'. This exercise is designed to "shock" your traps into growing.

Find a squat rack and rest a barbell on the rack about waist-high. Load the bar with about half of your maximum lifting weight. You will do about 4 or 5 sets of really heavy shrugs. This means holding the bar with your arms straight down and then using your trap and neck muscles to shrug up the weight. When you shrug the weight, squeeze it at the top of the movement and then slowly release it. You should start out using a low weight and then end up using your maximum lifting weight. Doing this about once or twice a week will definitely make those traps grow.

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