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Eating for Muscle Mass

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How to Eat to Gain Muscle

This area is one of the biggest problems for many people. You may be doing your training religiously, but if you I fail to realise that without proper eating and nutrition all your effort in the gym is wasted.

If you are not eating enough protein, not having pre and post workout meals, or don't eat for long periods of time then you are doing many things wrong in this area!

To gain muscle mass, you must eat and eat more. You must put more calories into your body than you burn.

You should have 6 meals a day, approximately every 3 hours. By eating more regularly, you are giving your body a constant flow of nutrients and energy it needs to grow. Also when you eat smaller, more regular meals you are ensuring that you don't store excess calories (which will turn into fat).

The 6 meals a day still applies if your goal is to lose weight. The only difference between gaining and losing weight, is the amount of calories consumed.

To find out how many calories is enough for you to gain mass, take your bodyweight (in lbs.) and multiply it by 20. For example, someone who weighs 160 lbs. will need to take in something in the area of 3200 calories per day to gain mass at a decent rate.

To develop an amazing body, you must eat protein. Only protein can build muscle tissue. If you don't eat enough protein you can forget about packing on muscle mass.

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