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Bodybuilding Workouts That Work

Your workouts should last no more than an hour. After this time period your body will most likely enter catabolism and start to break down muscle tissue to be used for energy.

Free weights (dumbbells and barbells, weights that aren't connected to a track or locked in a position) should be used whenever possible. You will get your best gains from free weights because machines help you support the weight. When using free weights, your body has to support and stabilize all the weight and this results in more muscle growth. I should point out, that sometimes machines are necessary, because you can't get full development of some body parts without them.

You need to train all areas of your body. I often neglected body parts like the legs and back. If you don't train all body parts, in the long run you will look silly. Sure you may have huge arms, but if you've got a small chest and back you won't impress many ladies, when you take off your shirt at the beach.


Train your Shoulders

The wider and rounder your shoulders (deltoids) and traps are, the more your upper body appears much bigger than it actually is, and the smaller your waist looks, giving your body a "V" taper.

Train your Chest

The chest is perhaps the most widely sought after aspect of the human physique. That's why no matter what gym you go to, I can almost guarantee that there is someone at any given time performing bench presses.

Train your Back

When fully developed into thick, wide slabs of muscle, the back can make your entire upper body look simply huge and very intimidating.

Train your Arms

The arms are a symbol of muscle and power. When girls ask you to show your muscles, this is the part that you flex for them.

Train your Legs

The legs are the most powerful muscles on the human body. You must work on them so they match your nicely built upper body.

Train your Abdominals (without machines and gadgets)

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